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means there will be a change, a positive change coming out of this. this decision is actually made. >> fighting for my rights, for the lights of the community and i'm showing i care and that i want equal treatment under the law. >> while we may disagree with other clergy who feel differently we still stand with the couples and the families that are waiting for this day of justice to happen. >> reporter: as you can see people have been bringing rainbow flags, signs, wearing t- shirts, all in support of a reinstatement of gay marriage in the state of california. if not nationwide. i have been looking around the crowd in the area and i haven't seen anybody who is in support of proposition eight. of course that is the gay marriage ban but this is going to last until eight tonight. we will be here and we will bring you more live pictures coming up in the 6:00 news. reporting live. channel 2news. >> some cities in california are showing support for gays and lesbians during the two days of arguments. in long beach the gay flag is hanging at city
members have been killed and estimated 31,000 have been injured, many of those were life changing injuries. estimated 134,000 iraqi civilians have been killed with thousands more injured. the bush administration started the war because they claimed iraq had weapons of mass destruction. a claim that was eventually proven false. but there were successes, such as removing saddam hussein from power and the establishment of democratic elections. >> reporter: the financial cost of the wore calculated at $2.2 trillion. a recent gallop poll surveyed 52% felt the invasion of iraq was a mistake. >> >> tomorrow, installation of pope francis. vice president joe biden will be leading the delegation. today, pope francis met with the president of his home country, argentina. kristina fernandez. she said she asked the pontiff to help settle argentina's dispute with the uk own the falkland islands. >> >> march madness is under construction here at hp pavilion. great for the fans, an economy onto itself. >> >> back here in 10 minutes, you noticed
were with the victim when he was shot. >>> the changes to hayward streets is only days old and the city is already hearing from people. the project has converted two way streets to one way traffic. some drivers say the changes are confusing and dangerous. they say there's not enough warning before they encounter on coming traffic. ktvu asked a city official about that today and he says overhead signs that will be easy to see are coming soon. >> the signs are being made as we speak. and they're going to be going up in the next few days or week. that concern is valid. >> the city says starting tonight there will also be improvements to traffic lights. the loop is still a work in progress. it'll be months before the construction is finished. >>> in san francisco there is new hope for the homeless. this time it's coming from the high-tech world. david stevenson is here and shows us what hundreds of tech companies and their employees are doing to try to make a difference. >> reporter: last week we saw bay area and silicon valley tech compani
changes. >> there are a lot of changes that are impacting local government. it requires somebody who is experience. >> canddants have till wednesday to file -- candidates have till wednesday to file. >>> the office of ethics conducts investigations into house members. the investigation centers on spend being boxman or members of her staff. her attorney says michele bachmann is cooperating with the investigation. >>> apple perched a start up -- perched a start up. the company is paying $20 million for wifi slam. apple confirms the deal but isn't giving any details. >>> chevron struck oil at a new well in the gulf of mexico. the company today announced the discovery at the well. 190 miles off the louisiana coast. crews drilled 6 miles deep. the well results are being evaluated. it is 12 miles from a discovery last week. >>> the golden gate bridge district is days away from ending its toll collection. a new sign is up to remind drivers the bridge will convert to electronic tolling on wednesday. you will have a choice of fast track or pay based on a
sufferers breathe easier? the new findings that could change the way doctors treat the condition. of attack for the city's crime >>> oakland police chief howard jordan and super cop bill bratton just outlined their plan of attack for the city's crime problem. phil matier in oakland with the details for us. >> reporter: that's right. bill bratton the legendary former new york police chief and los angeles police chief has been in oakland for a couple of days. he has been meeting with cops and been out in the streets and was it the scene of a the shooting the other day. he appeared for the first time in front of the media ready to give his ideas. >> it's a well-known fact in policing that a very small proportion of the criminal population commits the majority of the crime. in l.a. we call it the 10% solution. 10% of the criminal population commits about 50% of the crime, 10% of the locations in the city are where about 50% of the crime occurs, and 10% of the city's population are about 50% of the victims. >> reporter: bratton said he hoped to cur
changed. now only about 30% of the people coming through the toll plaza tonight actually pay in cash anymore, and so it's time to get rid of the tolltakers. according to the district, there are 28 left and out of those 28, well, they found jobs for everybody except for nine. nine of those people got pink slips today including jackie dean who is absolutely devastated. >> i'm just disappointed. i have been here for 18 years almost 19 years on the bridge. i basically grew up here. and for this to happen to all of you it is a great disappointment -- for this to happen to all of us, its a great disappointment to myself and my coworkers, here through rain, sleet, snow and hail. >> reporter: wednesday, march 27, that's the date they will start the all-electronic toll taking. it will be the end of an era as you say. they figure they are going to save about $19 million over the next 8 years and they have quite a deficit running here on the golden gate bridge despite all the tourism and all the cars coming across. there's still a bus bridge district to opera
police patrols will change all that. >>> people in one bay area community want gun control of a different kind. they want to be able to decide if a gun show can come to town. kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington is live at the cow palace to show us what's standing in their way. >> reporter: cow palace stratles san mateo county and san francisco county but is actually owned by the state. because of this, it's been hard for local leaders to have any say over what happens here but a new bill could change that giving supervisors a voice and a tool to curb violence. >>> reporter: >> what you see here today are people saying enough is enough. >> reporter: the supervisor, people who live in her district and other community leaders gather outside the cow palace where gun shows have been held for decades. their message, not in our backyard anymore. >> gun shows do not reflect our cultural values here. >> reporter: after years of trying to ban the shows with no success, lawmakers are taking a different approach with senate bill 475 introduced by senat
quo or make a change. kpix 5's ann notarangelo with the papal politics happening behind closed doors [ pause ] [ pause ] >> ann spoke with a local priest, father mike, who by the way predicts we're going to know who the next pope is thursday morning. obviously some problems with her report. we'll try to get though that later. but father mike thinks this is going to be the new pope is going to be archbishop angelo scola from italy, but father mike does admit he doesn't have a great track record picking popes. who does? >>> this morning, san francisco's archbishop salvatore cordileone hosted a special mass at st. mary's cathedral in honor of the start of the conclave. dozens of catholics attended excited about the historic moment. >> i'm so excited. i mean, it's such a wonderful time to be a catholic. >> it's exciting to have somebody new and fresh and to see which direction they are going to go to. >> a new cbs news poll says some catholics are looking for a change and some are looking for a younger pope. for more on the pope election, he
building west of the mississippi. ktvu noelle walker is live in the city with two reason for a change in the architect original plan for that building. >> reporter: there are a lot of tall buildings here in san francisco but none will be taller for the one that will be built across the street. look over the sky in san francisco, what you see is not a bird or plane, it's a crane and another. changing the city skyline, none more so than the crane that will go to work here. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: there was a ceremonial ground baking today -- ground breaking today. it will be tallest of west mississippi city. >> i thought at the beginning, the only the glass one will do. >> reporter: the transbay tower will sit right next to where construction crews building a new transbay terminal. bus system that's run through the temporary terminal site will transfer to the new one. caltrain will stop there too. the question is, if they build it will high speed rail come too? what if high speed rail does not happen? >> you know, i usually don't think a
is considering lowering the basic fare to $2 and changes routes. the board hopes toes have a more definitive plan by next month. >>> several blocks of foothill boulevard, a street and mission boulevard will be converted to one way. it is the downtown loop. center dividers have been change. it's the final phase of a multiyear project. you can go to and click on web links for full details on the changes. >>> toyota is recalling 200,000 suvs due the seat belt problems. the seat belt retractors could come off. the problem involves 209,000 fj cruisers from the 2000 through 213 model years. >>> an ace bay family is picking up the pieces after a house fire in pittsburgh. flames broke out before 5:00 a.m. on the house on hill view drive, not far from buchanan road. heavy smoke was pouring from the home when firefighters arrived. they were abaconned by an -- awoken by an explosion. >> i'm in shock, i can't look at it. i want to cry. the fire caused an estimated 200,000-dollars in damage. investigators say it may have been fueled by paint stored in th
bridge, but there are some major changes coming to the forecast next week. i'll have details on that coming up. >> and it's blamed for an explosion in cases of diabetes. the extreme recommendation aimed at cutting out intake of sugar. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. down earlier today. he's the >>> it is the end of an era for the roman catholic church. pope benedict xvi stepped down today. he is the first pope to abdicate in nearly 6 centuries. rement. ((nats of mission bells)) >> the white helicopter transported the pontiff to a 17th century palace where he will begin his retirement. [ bell tolls ] >> the pope's final day also marked by bell ringing at the mission santa clara. the cardinals will meet on monday to determine when they will convene to elect a new pope. cbs correspondent vinita nair is in vatican city with the latest details on benedict's emotional farewel
signaling a big change. the skies are going to be looking a lot different come tomorrow. brian hackney, our chief meteorologist. >> reporter: high definition is not showing much. it will change within 24 hours. low pressure that's offshore will begin to move toward the california coastline. the weak ridge that has kept us dry for what seems like decades is finally going to begin to slide east. that will begin to work its way toward the shoreline. we will have the entire forecast and the extended. it is not going to last long when we have the forecast a few minutes from now. >> thank you, brian. >>> at 5:00, is man accused of killing a bay area aspiring rapper and two others in a shooting and car crash on the vegas strip will remain in a los angeles jail for now. the 26-year-old appeared at a hearing in l.a . today. we will find out later month if he will be expetited to las vegas. harris was sted in studio city last thursday after a week long manhunt. >>> san francisco police are looking for an assault rifle similar to this. it was stolen from a par
and injured 18. instead of canceling, organizers have made changes to make things a little safer. >>> the size of the festival has been cut in half from 10 blocks to just 5. the event is ending an hour earlier and first friday organizers are asking participants to sign a pledge to curb street violence. >> the more people who sign it, the more we know how many people are really embracing that message of peace. >> the event kicks off in a half hour. coming up at 6:00, kpix 5's patrick sedillo will have a look live at how first friday participants are honoring the victims of last month's shooting. >>> i'm not proud of it. i'm not perfect. >> st. mary's basketball team slammed with sanctions today. the accusations against the coaches and why the punishment may affect more than just the team. >>> a new culprit in childhood has, the new discoveries linking a chemical to the chronic illness. >> how are you this friday evening? we are looking at high temperatures, in fact so high we set some records in the bay area. speaking of high, the tallest poi
is right. the weather is changing by the mynheer. patrick and i just noticing the wind kicking up. you're going to be out along the waterfront tonight, bundle up. it will be worth it because as you say tonight is the night. this has taken a while. this is conceptualized about 2.5 years ago. they went through the permitting process and then had to find a company willing to string the lights. they had to come up with money, about $6 million, and still need another $2 million to finish the project. leo villareal is the artist. and he is excited because tonight is the night. >> i have spent a lot of time looking at it close up far away. >> reporter: after years of planning, installing and programming, it is finally opening night. >> this piece will be seen by 50 million people over two years so it has a tremendous audience. >> reporter: in a city virtually synonymous with golden gate, artist leo villareal is about to turn a unique spotlight on the other bridge. >> we are trying to distinguish it from being a light show. it's something that's being ver
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14